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  About Multifid
Multifid Technology Australia is a supplier of advanced electronic hearing protection technology and communications equipment for the military & industrial sectors. Multifid also provides products and solutions ranging from concept definitions to system design.
Multifid new range of hearing protection feature world's first patented SENS®tech-nology (Speech Enhancing Noise Suppre-ssion) for high quality clear speech communication and optimum hearing pro-tection in high noise environments and across all classes of noise.
  Sensear Products
The Sensear range of products we have to offer consist of cutting edge innovative and award-winning technology. The new Sensear range of products offered, enable face to face mobile phone and two way radio communication through the use of Blue-tooth technology.
now you can have hearing protection and clear communication all in one

Multifid is an authorised distributor of Sensear innovative hearing protection and communication technology that enables clear speech communication in a range of high noise environments. Research shows that the single biggest reason why people remove or avoid wearing hearing protection is the need to communicate with others.

AwardsSensear was awarded the 2008 Best Newcomer Award at the Melbourne Safety in Action Conference in Victoria Australia. Sensear’s revolutionary new range of earmuffs and earplugs enable face to face, mobile phone and two-way radio communication in high noise (above 85 dB(A)) environments while providing optimal hearing protection. This innovation is the only effective preventative advance in the fight to eliminate Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), the world’s most common and incurable occupational illness.

In addition to its preventative attributes, Sensear’s technology also has the ability to variably enhance the speech signal received in noisy work or social environments, improving quality of life for people already affected with occupational hearing loss, who can now enjoy the benefits of Sensear’s revolutionary SENS® (Speech Enhancing Noise Suppression) technology.

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